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Optical design and fabrication of zinc selenide microlens array with extended depth of focus for biomedical imaging

  • Neha Khatri
  • Sonam Berwal
  • K Manjunath
  • Bharpoor Singh


Optical coherence tomography is a well-known technique for the optical imaging biological tissues. However, the depth scanning range of high-resolution optical coherence tomography is restricted by its depth of focus. In this study, a Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Microlens Array (MLA) is employed to overcome the depth-of-focus limitation of optical coherence tomography. The ZnSe material with a low Abbe number and high chromatic dispersion extends the depth of focus with transverse resolution. The ZnSe MLA focused the incident light (from visible to near-infrared (NIR) region) on multiple focal planes with the uniform distribution of light over a biological tissue. The MLA is designed using Zemax OpticStudio software and fabricated via a single-point diamond-turning based on Slow Tool Servo (STS) configuration. STS machining has the unique advantage of offering larger degrees of freedom with no additional baggage, thereby reducing the setup time. The experimental results show the effectiveness of the STS machining process in fabricating ZnSe MLA with desired accuracies. The characterization of fabricated MLA using Coherence Correlation Interferometry (CCI) depicts uniform lenslets with no structural and positional distortion, with a total error of 32 nm within the tolerance limit.



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