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Nanofabrication follows Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines and will pursue cases of suspected research and publication misconduct (e.g. falsification, unethical experimentation, plagiarism, inappropriate image manipulation, redundant publication). For further information about COPE, please see the website for COPE at

For more details about the ethical policy of  Eurasia Academic Publishing Group (EAPG) please check here.

Nanofabrication uses the Attribution-No-Derivatives 4.0 International licence (CC BY-ND 4.0):

Eurasia Academic Publishing Group (EAPG)

The EAPG is committed to keeping all content and history of manuscripts confidential.

The EAPG is obliged to answers users’ queries regarding the technical problems of the site.

The EAPG shall back up and store the data archive of all manuscripts.

The EAPG must provide articles with appropriate proofreading and layout.

If an article has to be retracted, the EAPG is obliged to inform all indexing and abstracting databases that include the journal's contents.