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EurAsia Academic Publishing Group – a genuine meeting between east and west – unfolds quality research equally and globally.

EurAsia Academic Publishing Group (EAPG) is an independent International publisher that publishes online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. EAPG follows strict publication ethics published by COPE. All the articles published under the EAPG provide copyrights to the author providing their research high visibility and impact. Their articles are provided with unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that allows author, readers to identify the paper with no difficulty.

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EurAsia Academic Publishing Group helps researchers to inspire a global community.

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All researchers have the opportunity to realize their full potential and transform their societies.

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Biological Systems is an international fully peer-reviewed and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) compliant open access Journal that is published online with a quarterly frequency. The goal of this journal is to promote interdisciplinary approaches in Biology and Medicine, at the interface between organismal and the processes of organic evolution in the broadest sense.


Nanofabrication publishes multi- and interdisciplinary works from researchers in the broad field of micro- to nanostructuring and device fabrication. Scientist interested in the advances on micro- and nanoscale patterning methods and the application of structures generated by these in applied physics, biomedical and life sciences are the target audience of the journal. The journal offers mutual exchange for members of the different communities to foster interdisciplinary information flow on possibilities opening up in nanofabrication and the experimental needs in applications.


International Journal of Sino-Western Studies (IJS) is a Chinese-English bilingual academic journal, which is published twice a year in June and December in Finland by the Nordic Forum of Sino-Western Studies. We aim at encouraging Sino-Western dialogue, research, and enhancement of scholarly activities, e.g, conferences, student & scholar exchange, academic essay prize, and publication.


 Biomaterials and Polymers Horizon publishes high-quality articles (original research and review papers) to cover cutting-edge science, engineering, and technology about biomaterials and polymers synthesis, processing, and development. Understanding how the synthesis, composition and molecular design of biomaterials and polymers at different length scales affect the overall properties of the system to guide the development of affordable next-generation materials for agriculture, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, energy, food and water, for creating a sustainable economy is the overarching goal of Biomaterials and Polymers Horizon.



Dating the Co-evolution Between Bees and Beetle Triungulins (Coleoptera: Cleridae) to the Mid-Cretaceous

Vol 1 No 01 (2020) Biosis
Biological Systems

Journal of Communication and Society Research

Coming Soon... JCSR Journal of Communication and Society Research

Coming Soon... JLPA<br>Journal of Law, Finance and Public Administration

Coming Soon... JCSR Journal of Communication and Society Research

Journal of Social Intellegence and Research

Coming Soon...JSIR
Journal of Social Intelligence and Research

Energy and Environment Technology

Vol 1 No 01 (2020) EET
Energy and Environment Technology

The New European Journal of Medicine

Vol 1 No 01 (2020) NEJM
The New European Journal of Medicine


EurAsia Academic Publishing Group offers different publishing solutions to the scientific community. We offer publishing services to universities and other organizations that are seeking a partner to publish all or some of their English language journals, books and other publications. This applies to new publications and to previously published books and back journal volumes. We publish monographs, textbooks, edited volumes, and other categories.


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