Open Access

The EurAsia Academic Publishing Group (EAPG) provides its published work with full open access (Diamond Service). Open Access(OA) policy is indispensable to expanding knowledge and science that is highly demanded by researchers and the academic community. OA policy paves the way for bringing justice to scientists which are in line with our goals.

Some funder mandates (such as Plan S by coalition S) require authors to publish their work in open access journals. Many institutions also encourage their authors to publish OA since this policy can let everyone have access to your latest findings. Therefore visibility and citations of OA papers increase.

EAPG does not charge any fee for submission, article process, and/or publication. Where use of colour aids understanding of the data, EurAsia Academic Publishing Group does not charge authors for publishing images and figures in colour. Other services such as extra pages, supplementary files, and multimedia are also not subject to cost.

EurAsia Academic Publishing Group supports HINARI, which is run by the World Health Organization and part of the Research4Life partnership. This means low-income countries can already obtain free access to their journals.

OA articles will be clearly identifiable on HTML in the Table of Contents. In addition, PDFs of OA articles can be downloaded for free and the XML of OA articles will be tagged so that their OA status is also machine-readable. This makes the OA status (as well as the licensing information) clear for any type of use and/or re-use.

All OA papers of Eurasia Academic Publishing Group are offered under the CC BY-ND 4.0 licence. Therefore, authors do not usually need to contact EurAsia Academic Publishing Group (EAPG) to request permission to reuse their own material, as long as the original work is properly credited. It is usual to provide the citation of (and, where relevant, a hyperlink to) the original publication. Some new journals that join our publisher might follow CC BY 4.0, in advance which is acceptable for this publisher (CC BY 4.0 is common in open access policy and is highly preferred by some institutions).


The copyright for all articles published in EurAsia Academic Publishing Group journals always remains with the Author(s). EAPG will acknowledge this in the copyright line that appears on each article. In other words, all of the EAPG fully open access journals are compliant with funders and institutions mandates as all articles will be published under the CC BY-ND 4.0 and CCBY 4.0, licence enabling authors to retain copyright.

Archiving and Self Archiving policy

The contents published by EAPG journals are collected, preserved, and served by CLOCKSS, LOCKSS, and Portico.
Authors are also able to save their last PDF in their institutional or academic repository, They should provide a link to that repository so that the validity/authenticity of the published article can be checked, if necessary

Please contact, if you have any question about our OA policy.