Rights and Permissions


All OA papers of Eurasia Academic Publishing Group are offered under the CC BY-ND 4.0 licence. Therefore, authors do not usually need to contact EurAsia Academic Publishing Group (EAPG) to request permission to reuse their own material, as long as the original work is properly credited. It is usual to provide the citation of (and where relevant a hyperlink to) the original publication:

“This extract/figure/table was originally published in [insert hyperlinked citation information, including Author(s), Journal Name, Year].”

Authors of Open Access (OA) articles may post the Version of Record (VoR) to their institutional repository. 

All Authors are encouraged to re-use their article, in whole or in part,  in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially. 

STM Publishers

EAPG is a member of STM association and supports the STM Permissions Guidelines, which aim to reduce the administration involved in clearing permissions.

Publishers who are also signatories to the STM Permissions Guidelines may re-use work published in EAPG journals, without contacting us, as long as the work is appropriately used and attributed as stated in the latest version of the Guidelines.

Copyright Policy

For all articles published by EAPG, we ask authors to assign us an exclusive Licence to Publish under which the Author(s) retains copyright. EAPG is the Publisher of the articles.

Sharing and Public Posting of Articles

EAPG supports the ‘Voluntary principles for article sharing’ compiled by the STM Association.

We encourage the public posting of Open Access articles and article metadata and in scholarly collaboration networks and elsewhere online. Please contact info@eaapublishing.org, if you have any questions about the sharing policy.