Our Partners


De Gruyter

We cooperate with De gruyter to jointly develop some of De gruyter’s journals, and use Chinese resources to help the development of the journals: including inviting famous domestic and foreign scholars to join the editorial board team, and sufficient financial support, etc.

Eurasia Academic Publishing Group has established a collaborative partnership with Elsevier regarding what they term as “digital common services.” This collaboration involves utilizing Digital Commons, a prominent hosted solution designed for the open dissemination and presentation of an academic institution‘s complete range of research and knowledge. This cloud-based institutional repository software incorporates a sophisticated publishing system. The services provided as part of this collaboration include unbiased dual-peer evaluation, downloadable readership contents for editors and writers, superlative SEO for elevated journal exposure and influence, data sets and multimedia and alternatives for regulating access to subscription and unrestricted admission publication. We believe that that this cooperation aims to leverage technology and enhance scholarly communication and the dissemination of research.