EurAsia and Clarivate partnership-Introducing ScholarOne systems to our journals

Universities and research institutions play an active role in cooperation as coordinators and, eventually, advocates. The collaboration strategy aims to address its own logics of capacity building and institutional strengthening. Government and international organizations participation in supply programs is supplemented by their own cooperation initiatives, which generate their own inter-institutional alliances and cooperation networks. The balance between engagement in supply programs and cooperation programs determines the distinctiveness and quality of an institution’s collaboration.

The scientific community is an essential component of collaborative efforts. With their scientific trajectories, researchers and research groups have their own logics. Its key goals include the extension and consolidation of national and worldwide relational capital, as well as the augmenting of its capacities to produce higher-quality and more impactful research outcomes, access to funding sources, increased scientific output and prestige, and increased international visibility.

Before talking about the cooperative link between EurAsia and Clarivate, it is important to know a little about this prestigious company, Clarivate Analytics is a company that owns and maintains multiple services mostly focused on data analysis, including Google Analytics’ scientific and academic research. Patents, regulatory standards, trademark protection, pharmaceutical and biotechnology intelligence, domain brand protection, and intellectual property management are just a few of the areas where we can help.

Clarivate Analytics began as the Thomson Reuters company’s science and intellectual property division. Thomson Reuters became an independent company in 2016 after signing a $ 3.55 billion agreement, which it then sold to venture capital firms Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia.

Therefore, in the meantime EurAsia and Clarivate are working together to bring ScholarOne to the system, but what exactly is ScholarOne?

ScholarOne is a Clarivate Analytics that provides this software for the administration of personal information to publishers and academic societies. In ScholarOne the data is controlled by each publisher. Clarivate serves as a bridge in this scenario, managing the data through ScholarOne according to the editor’s instructions. Any information that identifies the user is considered personal data.

EurAsia is a company committed to the safeguarding of data, publications and everything related to the simplification, optimization and protection of the data that is shared by researchers who trust the platform, that is why cooperative links are made with the best allies and with the same purpose of safeguarding the well-being of the researchers who rely on the use of these platforms to give voice to these investigative works of great importance for the world of science.

The aim of this alliance is to create a bridge that allows users to trust that their data and information management is totally reliable and safe, as well as to support the autonomy of the editor in terms of what they decide to share or publish.