EurAsia Academic Publishing Group (EAPG) is an independent International publisher that publishes online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. EAPG follows strict publication ethics published by COPE. All the articles published under the EAPG provide copyrights to the author providing their research high visibility and impact. Their articles are provided with unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that allows author, readers to identify the paper with no difficulty.


  • Biomaterials and Polymers Horizon

    Biomaterials and Polymers Horizon (e-ISSN: 2789-9705) publishes high-quality articles (Original research, Review, Short communication, Technical reports) to cover cutting-edge science, engineering, and technology about biomaterials and polymers synthesis, processing, and development. Understanding how the synthesis, composition, and molecular design of biomaterials and polymers at different length scales affect the overall properties of the system to guide the development of affordable next-generation materials for agriculture, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, energy, food, and water, for creating a sustainable economy is the overarching goal of Biomaterials and Polymers Horizon.

  • HUMAN REVIEW. International Humanities Review / Revista Internacional De Humanidades

    HUMAN Review (ISSN: 2695-9623) is a peer-reviewed (double-blind) scientific journal that publishes articles from different humanistic disciplines, such as philosophy, anthropology, literature, history, linguistics, social humanities or digital humanities, covering the multiple dimensions of the human. Inter- and transdisciplinary works that draw meaningful connections between disciplines and apply epistemological analyses that enrich readers are especially welcome. The journal welcomes research articles, critical reflection articles, and systematic review articles.

  • Biosis: Biological Systems

    Biosis: Biological Systems (2708-0072) is an international fully peer-reviewed and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) compliant open access Journal that is published online with a quarterly frequency. The goal of this journal is to promote interdisciplinary approaches in Biology and Medicine, at the interface between organismal and the processes of organic evolution in the broadest sense. 

  • TECHNO REVIEW. International Technology, Science and Society Review /Revista Internacional De Tecnología, Ciencia Y Sociedad

    TECHNO Review (e-ISSN: 2695-9933) is a peer-reviewed journal that offers a space for dialogue and the publication of innovative theories, analyses, and practices related to science, technology, knowledge, and society. It has an interdisciplinary scope: it provides a meeting point between scientists, technologists, and engineers concerned about humanities and social matters and philosophers, historians, political scientists, and economists interested in the increasing impact of science and technological innovation in diverse fields of human life and the social sphere. The journal welcomes research articles, critical reflection articles, and systematic review articles.

  • International Journal of Sino-Western Studies

    International Journal of Sino-Western Studies IJS, 1799-8204is a Chinese-English bilingual academic journal, which is published twice a year in June and December in Finland by the Nordic Forum of Sino-Western Studies. It is published simultaneously in printed and electronic online versions.  We aim at encouraging Sino-Western dialogue, research, and enhancement of scholarly activities, e.g, conferences, student & scholar exchange, academic essay prize, and publication. As part of its publication programs, the Forum publishes a new Chinese-English bilingual journal to promote Sino-Western Studies internationally. IJS is indexed by Scopus, Emerging Science Citation Index.

  • Nanofabrication

    Nanofabrication(2299-680X) publishes multi- and interdisciplinary works from researchers in the broad field of micro- to nanostructuring and device fabrication. This journal is the first journal to highlight the importance of the interface of science and engineering in Nanofabrication and its role in this multidisciplinary and collaborative research area. Nanofab is widely indexed by relevant services and databases, including the Emerging Science Citation Index.