The importance of capable board members in the research fields-EAPG nominated to the SMT board.

The industry of academic publications is a vital part for researchers, it is a structure that allows giving voice and visibility to researchers who put their work at the manage of others and different scientific communities for the development of other works and their spread in the scientific field.


There are many platforms that have emerged and where research is available to those who benefit from research papers or scientific publications. STM is the industry standard bearer for academic publishing, working along with its members to advance reliable research around the world. They are dedicated to communicating the world’s greatest discoveries with accuracy, clarity, and integrity. Promoting academic research innovation by encouraging the development of new technologies and providing advise on universal standards.

The STM is openly proud of academic publishers’ accomplishments in bringing research of all types to a global audience of academics and the public. Every year, about three million research articles are shared by publishers, providing new insights into the essence of human life and, often, revealing world-changing findings.

It is important to recall that one of our important researchersXuefeng Zhu an entrepreneur with vast experience which has developed as a publisher and academy supporter , has been nominated to perform on the STM board. As he is the Founder of Eurasia Academic Publishing Group, this is a great accomplishment for the group and the researcher’s community, partners from the academic group.

Over the last ten years, Xuefeng has published at least 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals and collaborated with more than 100 Chinese universities, making him an essential part of the world’s research and scientific communities.

All the STM board is an important community of members selected between a great variety of organizations which share a common view, to serve the STM and the researchers groups in the world.

Xefeng was nominated in two important categories of the election of members, for the category “Undesignated” 12 candidates for 3 vacancies were proposed ((, among them members of different scientific bodies and organizations around the world. He was also nominated for the category Small Company” between 2 candidates, from American Physiological Society Colette Bean, and himself.

The STM Voting will begin on 19 August and will end at 5pm BST on 9 September 2021, currently there is a board composed of 15 members who do an excellent job in developing the STM resources to manage the association. The STM members have formed their own working teams to promote best practices and ethical standards in research, review unethical practices, provide training and investigation sources, and function as consultants to internal staff and editors.