Benefits of Publishing

EurAsia Academic Publishing Group is embedded in the global scientific community and is well placed to support the needs and ambitions of researchers.

We are always happy to help and always interested to hear from you – if you have a question or pre-submission enquiry, write to us at

At EurAsia Academic Publishing Group we are committed to working with you to share your science and aid your research. And because we gift our surplus back to the Society, publishing with us benefits science in more ways than one…

Benefits of publishing with EurAsia Academic Publishing Group

Publishing process:

  • Your work will be handled by an expert editorial team who care about scholarly publishing
  • Rigorous, authoritative and meaningful peer review
  • Support for authors at every stage, with a focus on fast and effective processes
  • Commitment to research integrity and publication ethics
  • Minimized administrative burden, leaving you free to concentrate on your research
  • Colour figures are published free of charge
  • No submission or page fees

Platform and visibility:

  • Improved article discoverability and continued integration with Google Scholar, PubMed and Web of Science
  • Regularly published collections of editorially collated articles, ensuring your work is highlighted with appropriate context
  • The EurAsia Academic Publishing Group has connected with more than 700,000 scholars – a tailored and relevant audience for your work

Open Access

  • All EAPG journals are Open Access ensuring articles are free for all to read.
  • Our journals do not charge article submission fees, in some cases an Article Processing Charges (APC) may be applied to accepted manuscripts.

Publishing Ethics

Our journals adhere to COPE and ICMJE guidelines and we have clear, defined policies. Everything you may want to know about our policies on copyright, permissions, archiving and data can be found on our Rights and Permissions page.