International Journal of Sino-Western Studies IJSis a Chinese-English bilingual academic journal, which is published twice a year in June and December in Finland by the Nordic Forum of Sino-Western Studies. It is published simultaneously in printed and electronic online versions.  

The Nordic Forum of Sino-Western Studies is a university-related research platform based in Helsinki. We aim at encouraging Sino-Western dialogue, research, and enhancement of scholarly activities, e.g, conferences, student & scholar exchange, academic essay prize, and publication. As part of its publication programs, the Forum publishes a new Chinese-English bilingual journal to promote Sino-Western Studies internationally.

The articles published in this journal do not necessarily represent the view or position of the journal or of the editorial board. This journal is fully open access, but once any part of this journal is reprinted, reproduced, or utilized in any form or by any means, presently known or hereafter invented, our journal's name should be mentioned, including quotations in academic works or book reviews. We neither charge APCs nor authors to publish articles in our journal, and the only license term for quoting or downloading our articles is to mention our journal's name as the source of origin. Users can use, reuse, and build upon the material published in our journal but only for non-commercial purposes.

International Journal of Sino-Western Studies

Chinese-English Bilingual Semi-annual 

国学与西学: 国际学刊(汉英双语半年刊)

ISSN for Print Version 纸质国际标准期刊号 1799-8204

ISSN-L for Print Version 纸质国际标准期刊 L号 1799-8204

ISSN for Online Version 网络电子版国际期刊号 2242-2471

ISSN-L for Online Version 网络电子版国际期刊 L号 2242-2471


##issue.vol## 20 (2021)
##submissions.published##: 2021-07-13

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