Research on religion and spirituality in China: A bibliometric analysis based on the Web of Science


  • Rubén Carlos Álvarez-Diez Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Mexico
  • José Ricardo López-Robles Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Mexico



religion, spirituality, China, knowledge mapping, bibliometrics


Research on religion in China is of critical importance due to its impact on society, culture, and politics within the country and in an increasingly interconnected global context. There is a pressing need in academic and scientific realms to understand and analyze the core research themes conducted in this field over the past decade. The relevance of such research lies in their ability to establish a common framework that facilitates collaboration among researchers and consolidates existing knowledge. By identifying major research and areas of academic activity, this common framework opens the door to greater integration and synergy among academics in this field. Furthermore, this framework benefits researchers in the field of religion in China and offers opportunities to expand and deepen understanding of related topics such as sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies. To do that, a comprehensive analysis has been developed using bibliometric techniques and methodologies to identify and evaluate the most significant research on religion in China over the last ten years. This approach enables the visualization of emerging trends, areas of interest, and significant contributions in the field, providing a comprehensive overview of current research. This analysis addresses this demand using bibliometric tools, techniques, and methodologies. Finally, it underscores the importance of understanding recent research on religion in China and how bibliometric analysis can significantly contribute to academic and scientific collaboration and identify new avenues of inquiry in this dynamic and complex field.


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Álvarez-Diez, R. C., & López-Robles, J. R. (2024). Research on religion and spirituality in China: A bibliometric analysis based on the Web of Science . International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, (26), 202–219.



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