On the Jewish Havruta Learning Method


  • Yu Xiaodong No. 390, Dongtiyuhui Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai,P.R.China




Study of learning methods, Havruta, Partner learning method


China pays attention to test-oriented education and emphasizes the role of a teacher as a knowledge distributor. Thus, the classroom teaching is mainly based on the injection of knowledge, while our public education is lacking in setting general education courses for Arts and Humanities. Taking competitive advancement as the core, our students complete the independent learning model in the traditionally competitive way and emphasize the accumulation of personal knowledge to increase personal competitiveness. This article studies the Jewish learning method, that is, the Havruta learning method theory. This article starts from investigating the initial application scope of the Havruta learning method. Then it gives the definition, constituent elements, deployment and implementation of the Havruta learning method. Meanwhile, it demonstrates how to set in the process of teaching to make use of the teaching method. According to the research, we suggest that it is rather necessary for us to introduce the Havruta learning method in order to promote the students' moral education, cultivate their wisdom, and establish the way of critical thinking, especially under the current test-oriented education for schools that uses competitive individual learning as a means of entering a higher education, extracurricular tutoring classes that focus on strengthening test-oriented classroom knowledge, and utilitarian families that blindly pursue scores.


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Xiaodong, Y. . (2022). On the Jewish Havruta Learning Method. International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, (22), 161–169. https://doi.org/10.37819/ijsws.22.182