A New Genus of Cylindrical Bark Beetle (Coleoptera: Zopheridae: Colydiinae) in mid-Cretaceous Burmese Amber


  • George Poinar Jr. Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University
  • Fernando E. Vega Sustainable Perennial Crops Laboratory, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service




Fossils, Myanmar, Stegastochlidus saraemcheana, Taxonomy, Tenebrionoidea


A bizarre cylindrical bark beetle from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber is described as Stegastochlidus saraemcheana, a new genus and species in the subfamily Colydiinae of the family Zopheridae. The male beetle is characterized by elongate protuberances covering its entire dorsal surface, a tarsal formula of 4-4-4 and ten-segmented antennae with the terminal segment expanded into a small club. The fossil is considered to have been a possible predator that lived among moss, lichens and fungi either attached to trees trunks or on the forest floor. A close association with fungi is indicated by strands of conidia attached to the cuticle of the beetle. 


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