Dr.Gareth Dyke joined as Editor-in-Chief, Biological Systems

Gareth is a prolific scientific author who has published more than 260 articles in peer-reviewed journals over the last 20 years, including in Nature, Science, Proceedings of the National Academy (USA) and other high-profile outlets. His research has been widely covered in the media and he is often invited to present talks and lead workshops around the world, most recently in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Colombia, Spain and Slovakia. Workshops in China run by Gareth in 2019 have been attended by more than 5,000 colleagues. He has written numerous news and other popular articles including in Scientific American, New Scientist, and Nature and is a regular contributor to The Conversation (scientific news website). Gareth has managed the Taylor & Francis journal Historical Biology as Editor-in-Chief for more than 15 years. He has developed this journal from zero copy and no submissions to a high position with it’s field, biology and palaeontology. Historical Biology now has an impact factor close to 2.0 and a backlog of almost two years while maintaining it’s position as one of the fastest peer-reviewed journals in the field (ca. 30 days from submission to publication). He has worked in the USA, Ireland, and the UK, including for more than 15 years as a full-time University academic (University College Dublin, National Oceanography Centre University of Southampton). Gareth is uniquely positioned to teach and advise with authority on all aspects of the scientific publishing process, grant writing, and personal development as he is an experienced researcher, reviewer, editor, and journal manager with a strong background in technical and popular writing. He is accredited as a course leader and teacher by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in the UK as well as by the Irish HEA. Biological Systems Home Page